Update 11/20/17

Update 11/20/17

At the Mixing Center:

This past week we shipped a mix of cucumbers, squash, and sweet potatoes.  Here’s some pictures for you of what went out:

Around the Region:

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Kirsten Langan at Second Harvest food Bank of Central “Florida.  The best part of the trip was seeing product that had been at our mixing center just a day before, waiting for pickup by their agencies.  Here’s a few images from around their facility.

Cucumbers and squash ready for pickup by agencies.
Technology is in use everywhere to enhance outcomes and “guest experience.”
Orlando’s beautiful agency shopping area.
22,000 meals per week for various programs that feed hungry children are packed in this room!!!

Watch for it!

Food banks will be receiving our newly adopted SERC charter and membership agreements to be authorized in the email shortly.  Also, you will receive a request for commitments for first quarter of 2018 soon.

Have a great week and I hope your team wins!  (Unless they’re playing mine!)

Happy Thanksgiving one and all!