Update 12/12/17

Update 12/12/17

 SERC Update 12/12/17

Seasons Greetings to all of our partners in the Southeast Regional Cooperative!

There’s some really great product coming through the mixing center lately and this week is no exception.  We have a load of beautiful potatoes in a convenient 4x10lb pack, large cabbage, sweet potatoes, green beans butternut squash and English cucumbers.   All of this is headed out to food banks and their agencies this week!

What’s Happening Around the Cooperative:

Congratulation to our newly appointed Produce Committee!  This group was identified by the board members from their respective states as talented leaders who’s specific areas of expertise will help to further the cooperative’s goals.

    • Carter Crain, Food Resources Manager, Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC.
    • Cindy Stapleton, Director, Farm to Food Banks, Feeding the Carolinas.
    • Dustin Lard, Regional Produce Sourcer, Georgia Food Bank Association/SERC.
    • Ben Burgess, Product Sourcing Manager, Atlanta Community Food Bank.
    • Angela Nicholette, Food Sourcing & Inventory Manager, Chattanooga Area Food Bank.
    • Tom Cromie, Senior Operations Director, Second Harvest Food Bank of North East Tennessee.
    • Sherri Atwell, Director of Produce Recovery, Feeding Florida.
    • Kirsten Langan, Director of Food Strategy and Sourcing, Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida.
    • Cindy Bloom, Produce Strategy Manager, Feeding the Gulf Coast.

Again, congratulations to this group and thanks to all of you for your willingness to help!