Who We Are

The Southeast Regional Cooperative connects the agribusiness industry across the Southeast with food banks and nonprofits in their fight against food insecurity.

Our mission is to facilitate donations and to purchase produce at the lowest possible cost while providing a consistent level of demand to growers, distributors and other supply chain participants resulting in a consistent supply of produce to our members.

By reducing the average cost of acquisition while improving variety and freshness, SERC is able to increase the purchasing power of our partners.

A member-led, 501 (c)(3) Type I Supporting Organization, we are governed by a board of directors made up of leadership from supported food banks, ensuring that customer interests are served in an equitable fashion. Equity and transparency are fundamental guiding principles for SERC governance and operations.

Visit Working with the SERC – Southeast Regional Cooperative (seregcoop.org) to learn how we can assist you and your organization.